The 9 amazing suitcases of the future… You’re guaranteed to want at least one!

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Welcome to the suitcases of the future. This is the best collection of 9 new super suitcases which will solve many of our travelling woes. So what are these common travelling woes that these suitcases can work to fix?

Well, have you ever found yourself fumbling around trying to fit everything into your case? No problem, one of our featured cases uses compression technology to suck the air out of your case. This means that you can pack 33% more gear and still squeeze your bag into the carry on section.

Or what about the terrible scenario when your suitcase goes missing at the airport? Enter the ‘smart’ case, complete with a companion app. Flip open the app and you get an instant location for your suitcase, helping you and your gear to get re-united much faster and easier than relying on the airport staff.

Or the gadget problem, where all of your latest and greatest tech runs out of juice mid-way through your flight? we have two suitcases that work on that one. One is a carry on bag complete with a battery, which can re-charge your gadget mid-flight. The other is a truly genius case which turns the kinetic energy from its turning wheels into juice for your iPhone.

Finally, we have the suitcase which follows you, pulling itself. Using amazing triangulation tech combined with your smartphone, the super case of the future will be able to diligently follow you as you trope through the airport.

Which is your favorite futuristic suitcase? which would you buy? For us, it’s all about the scooter case!

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