The Apple iPhone 5S will launch on September 10th

The sources keep lining up and the date given keeps staying the same – it seems that we are set for the iPhone 5S on September 10th.

Is this the new iPhone 5S? image credit: pocketlint

A large number of sources have now confirmed this date, a large number of whom have proven trustworthy in the past. One of the strongest and most trusted sources isĀ AllThingsD, who have confirmed that an Apple event is planned for the evening of the 10th. Whilst that confirms that Apple will have something to tell the world that day, we have not yet been able to confirm whether that date will see the launch of the high-end 5S or the lower spec 5C – or indeed both of them. However, the latest claims from the most trusted sources indicate that this launch will be all about the 5S, with the company not wishing to water-down the impact of its flagship by revealing a cheaper device simultaneously.

The 5C will be a huge story in its own right, representing Apple’s first dalliance into the lucrative but competitive mid-tier smartphone market. This launch is already set to to scare the likes of Nokia, who have been basking in some resurgent glory of late. Alongside Nokia, HTC and BlackBerry – the latter is in dire states as it is – also fear the launch of the 5C, as it is expected to be a compelling phone in that price bracket.

The significant IFA 2013 trade show is coming up, and it is likely that Apple will use this stage to set the record straight around their launch plans. The Apple way for so long has involved piquing customers interest whilst still a month or so out from the grand unveiling, with the aim of building this interest to a peak on the day itself. With this in mind, IFA 2013 will fit well for an Apple launch announcement.

The rumours are of course speculating over what the 5S will deliver. The consensus seems to be that the 5S will follow the path laid out by previous ‘S’ releases, by maintaining the same shell and instead featuring internal advancements alongside new software. The rumours of a champagne iPhone 5S continue to run unabated too, so this is beginning to look more likely.

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