The best 15 iPad games ever

The Apple iPad has played a transformative role in computer gaming. Since the iPad launched in 2010, it has opened up a whole new range of computer gamers, with its range of endlessly playable, simple and highly intuitive games. Thanks to the iPad, computer games have gone back to the glorious, golden early-console routes, where games weren’t all about top-spec graphics and nerdy forums. With over 20 million tablets sold in the UK alone, nearly every connected household has access to what is effectively a games console. Everyone from mums through to granddads are now discovering the joys of iPad gaming, and to celebrate this, we present our list of the 15 best iPad games ever (in no particular order):

Temple Run

Temple run has been a ginormous success on the iPad, with tens of millions of downloads. The hugely popular first generation was followed up by the epic Temple run 2, which followed the age old mantra of ‘if it isn’t broken…’ The addition of new scenes added new stimulation and this free game would feature on any list of the best iPad games ever.

Star Wars: Knights of the old republic

Knights of the Old Republic is quite simply the best Star Wars game, and there have been some dammed good’uns.  In fact, this one is so good, it has to go down as one of the finest RPGs ever made, even if it is set 400 years before any of the Star Wars movie plots. A mix of great game play with the right level of respect being played to the movies, making it a surefire winner. Available on iOS at $6.99


Real Racing 3

This is the first game that we feature which would not be out of place on a PlayStation or X box. It features awesome graphics, complete with real time shadows and reflections, making it a stunning iPad spectacle. It also serves to remind us just how impressive the current generation of the iPad is, with its sheer grunt power enabling this game to be highly responsive alongside its great graphics. Real Racer 3 features an impressive multi-player option, which is a must for any great driving game.

Contre Jour

An impressive offering from the get-go, when it impressed everybody that saw it at E3. You control Petit, a small, nimble character who can manipulate the environment to meet his goals. Worth the $1.99 download for the amazing sound track alone

Draw Something



Draw something went BIG around 12 months ago, when for a brief period, everybody had it on their Pad and iPhone. The app tells you what you need to covey through a drawing and you do the rest, showcasing your artistic flare in a giant game of charades meets drawing.


Nova 3



The third generation of this mini-cult classic has been one of the big hits in the history of iPad gaming. Always known for its graphics, the third generation took things to a whole new level. The first first-person shooter to make our list. You control Kal Wadin on his journey to to recover a stolen artifact. Think space aged COD and hit the download link if you haven’t already


Plants V Zombies HD



Everything that an old-school game should be, with its endless playability and cartoon graphics. This game was such a hit that its developers got bought by gaming giants EA. Featuring the classic zombie theme, you set about defending your home with only your plants to aid you. Its quirky and mad, but you’ll end up playing it for hours.


The Sims Freeplay



One of the most celebrated PC gaming franchises in history made its first proper iOS break through with the Sims Freeplay. The game sims needs little introduction, and this game follows the theme. Create 16 Sims and set about living their lives, from wild dates to living it large in the family hot tub. This game made architects out of us all, and its a great free iPad game.

Words with Friends



Words with friends made scrabble cool again. Challenge your friends vocabulary on this neat and well developed Zynga app, proving who has the mightier word. A slightly surprising hit, but its been downloaded in its droves, proving that sometimes the classics really are the best.

Grand Theft Auto III



GTA was a hugely controversial launch eleven years ago for gaming giants RockStar. It proved to be the fuel behind the pS3, and when it was re-released to celebrate the games tenth anniversary, gamers downloaded it in their droves. It cleverly kept all of the magic recipe from its console heyday, mixing in the easy humor, detailed storyline and great playability into one awesome iPad app.

Angry Birds HD



Angry birds probably personifies the iPad gaming world more than any other iPad game. Cartoon graphics, simple, intuitive game play and hugely addictive Angry Birds has got more people through their daily commute than any other game in history. 20 million downloads in its first week post-release this March showed that the Angry Birds franchise has lost none of its sparkle.

Dead Space



The scariest game ever made on a gaming console translated brilliantly into its iPad app. As in the console classic, you are tasked with blasting your way through some of the most out-rightly terrifying aliens that have ever been imagined. Definitely one for the headphones.

Max Payne



Rockstar proved that they have found a winning formula when it comes to rekindling past mega-hits. Max Payne followed GTA III in getting a tenth anniversary iPad release, and like the former it translated well. The gritty, fast paced drama works surprisingly well, and not for the first time, we are reminded just how skillful the folks at Rockstar are.




Included as much for its brilliant ability to showcase the power of the iPad as much as anything, tis fast paced non-violent adventure was a great game nevertheless. The ‘veggie magician’ teen travels across the island of Geos, picking up a range of flowers to defend herself against the cursed spritis that inhabit this beautiful environment. Lots of games within games, married with a feel-good hippy flavor.

Minecraft – pocket edition


Out of all of the made for PC, revamped for tablet games on the market, there can’t be one more suited to the tablet format than the iconic Minecraft. As a result, it is everything that you hoped it would be, whilst being reassuringly similar to the nostalgic originals.

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