The ten commandments of being a good Facebook friend

Welcome to the ten commandments of being a good Facebook friend, updated for 2013.

The Ten Commandments, as we’re sure you already know, are a set of biblical principles which relate to ethics and worship. Now, we’re not suggesting that you worship at the later of Facebook, but when it comes to being a good friend on the social network, there are some codes of conduct that you should adhere to.

The rules of engagement have changed and evolved since 2007, so its important to keep up to date with the latest do’s and don’ts. We touch on what you must and must not do in certain situations.

A friend has just uploaded a new profile picture, what’s your best course of action if you want to be a good Facebook friend?

Or, you’ve just received a creepy Facebook poke, should you poke the friend back?

Maybe you just ‘stumbled upon’ a nice picture from 2008, is it acceptable to give it a quick ‘like’?

Scroll though the pictures and we will reveal the ten commandments of being a good Facebook friend in 2013.

So there we have it, the updated list of do’s and don’ts for Facebook in 2013. Which of the ten commandments are most important to obey and which do you think you are most able to ‘get away with’? Have your say in the comments below!

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