Thuuz Revamps App and Launches Android Version

California based Thuuz Sports recently released a live sports companion app and made it available primarily for the tablet market. Fans using the app can view and access a plethora of information such as results, fixtures, highlights and even keep track of their fantasy teams. “Given our mission to drive incremental viewers to live sports programming, creating a tablet version of our app made perfect sense,” said Michael Schmier, VP of product management for Thuuz. “More than 60% of our fans are now using tablet apps, not only as second-screen companions during live events but to also help them decide which event to watch in the first place,” he added.

The 2 main interfaces to this app is Game View and Guide View. Guide View allows the user to check on the sports world and access scoreboards as well as results easily. It also features a rating for each game, to see how “hot” a particular game is or will be. Thuuz has also included integration with local cable providers so that televised timings can be synchronized on the app and users can get alerts for picked games. In Game View, users can see specifics for a certain game and present previews and predictions. NFL fans can also link their fantasy teams and the app will notify the user if a particular game will or may affect the fantasy team points.

CEO of Thuuz,Warren Packard was quoted saying, “The Thuuz discovery platform adds value for both sports fans and TV providers, by connecting viewers with the most relevant and compelling sports content, and helping TV providers attain incremental viewership. We want to give our users a heightened ability to see what’s happening in the world of sports and consume the content of their choice. Our new tablet app is one more step in that direction.” Second screen viewings are picking up in popularity and Thuuz is a pioneer in the game, especially with US sports. On the app being released solely for Android, Packard noted, “Given our limited resources, we decided to move forward first with the more popular platform.  We will certainly build an iPad optimized version of Thuuz once iOS 7 settles out.”


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