Top Triathlon Apps for Smartphones

Competing in a triathlon is hard work, even without the confusion of training plans, special diets and keeping on top of your progress.

Luckily, there are several apps out there to help you along your way, and we have compiled this list of the best free and paid-for apps to get you organised and raring to go.

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Free Triathlon Apps

Triathlon feeds

This app is your one-stop shop for all the information and video feeds you will need to feel knowledgeable about your chosen event. Gain advice from the most famous voices in the sport of triathlon, including Joe Friel and Gordo Byrn.

Tri Calculator

Whether you are competing in an Ironman, Ironman 70.3, Olympic distance, Sprint Distance or a Duathlon, this app is an easy to follow tool for calculating race times and caloric needs. It converts your bike speed and run pace into bike and run times, as well as emailing estimate reports to you.

DailyBurn Calorie Counter

With over 35,000 foods in this database, you can manage your diet and nutrition while out and about. You can even scan the barcode of food packets to gain instant information about nutritional levels. A great app to help you reach your race weight.

Weather Bug

If you are taking your triathlon training outdoors – which is always recommended to mix up your training – then the Weather Bug app will be your friendly pocket weatherman. You’ll get expansive weather reports for wherever you are, including interactive maps.

Triathlon Training

Offering a variety of tips for becoming a top triathlete, this app informs you of useful training plans including the triathlon swim training methodology, as well as expert advice on your cycling and running training.

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Paid Apps

ithlete £6.99

ithlete focuses around heart-rate variability, which looks at how stressed the body is so you can better plan when to train to avoid overtraining. You will have to purchase an additional dongle from which costs £49.99 with chest strap or £31.99 without, to get the full functionality of this useful app.

First Time Triathlon £3.09

For those of you who are new to this extreme sport, the app generates a 12-week training plan to suit your ability for each discipline. Although very basic, it is full of useful tips that are great for those competing for the first time.

Nike + GPS £1.49

Ideal for the running and cycling sections of your triathlons, Nike + records all of your training using GPS. It comes with inbuilt connectivity to Facebook and Twitter – with motivational features such as mid-run cheers –as well as the ability to upload routes after your sessions.

Swim Planner £0.64

The swimming part of your triathlon can often be overlooked in the app community, so Swim Planner is on hand to create a workout based on your swimming ability and desired workout distance.

IronApp £1.86

Track your training each day and share it with the Facebook triathlon community. You can keep a race portfolio for upcoming and completed events, as well contacting others through Facebook who are doing the same races.


Organisation and time planning are the essence of being a successful triathlete. With handy apps to make your training a little easier, this will save you stress and time so you can enjoy becoming fitter, stronger and generally more awesome.


Katherine Weir is a writer and blogger on all things health, food and exercise related, writing in partnership with ActivInstinct.