Try out the PS4 at EuroGamer this September

The Sony PlayStation 4 is set to make its highly anticipated debut at the EuroGamer conference. With both the PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One consoles due for release in 2013, the race to be king of the console hits up as anticipation reaches new heights

The Virgin Media EuroGamer conference takes place between September 26th and 29th, and will allow gamers to have a first go on the next-gen console.

EuroGamer is held in Earls Court, London with day tickets still available on the Thursday and Friday. The PS4’s expected UK release date is sometime in November, so this represents a great early opportunity to test out the new console. EuroGamer have confirmed that tickets are now in short supply, so act quick if you want to take up this opportunity.

Sony will also be taking the opportunity to showcase some of their launch games for the PS4. These include the highly anticipated Fifa 14 which includes a whole new gaming engine, alongside Assassins Creed 4 and Barman.

The event will also feature Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset and system that has been getting some serious attention amongst gamers. This will also be playable on the gaming floor. New Order is also a launch title worth noting, as it received some rave reviews out of the recent E3 conference, from sites like pocket-lint, who were in attendance.

In terms of EuroGamer ticket prices, a day ticket is set at £15. The time conscious may wish to take up the £10 afternoon ticket option though. This gives you access from 2-10pm, giving plenty of time to test out the PS4 and its launch titles. Visit for details and availability.

Microsoft are yet to confirm whether they will be in attendance with their new Xbox one console. We will keep you posted.