Two New Nike Flyknit Racer Running Shoes Will Launch Summer 2014

Nike are set to launch two new versions of their hugely popular Flyknit Racer running shoes this summer. The introduction of the lightweight mesh designed runners has made a huge difference to the sports giants bottom line, yet talk centred around this line has been limited to non-existent during 2014 to date. Perhaps it a time of the year thing, with this design being especially well suited to warmer weather?
As a recap, the FlyKnits are an extremely lightweight 5.6 ounces. This weight is made possible by the interwoven mesh style material. The mesh design means that less material is used, meaning weight is immediately shaved versus a more standard design. The additional benefit besides the lightweight nature lies in the breathable nature of the runners, with plenty of air-flow being made possible by the mesh.
There’s little doubt that this has been a winning formula to date. Flyknit racers are being adopted across the board, from Crossfit babes to marathon runners. This lies in testament to the quality of this style of sports shoe, not least the unprecedented level of stability married with lightweight design.
The upcoming summer 2014 release will bring two new colourways to the vibrant range. The turquoise and lime green offering will stay true to the current fit-tech trend for bright and standout colours, whilst the more mundane black and infrared offering will appeal to the more reserved runner. Nike Flyknit Racer Summer 2014
Nike Flyknit Racer Summer 2014
We’ll keep you posted about developments with the new Nike Flyknits, and will look to get a video out showcasing them as soon as we can lay our hands on a pair. In the meantime, check out our review of the Flyknits.