UK to miss the boat on LG Optimus G Pro Android phone

The UK looks set to miss out on LG’s initial rollout of their Optimus G Pro flagship Android phone, possibly due to concerns over the UK’s LTE network. LG have been worried that the country’s LTE 4G network is not currently up to the task, and may be unable to cope with their device at the highest level.

UK customers hoping to get their hands on the phone will have to watch as at least 40 other countries get it earlier, with the product hitting other parts of Europe, South and Central American and the Middle East within the next couple of months. Italy will see the phone as early as this week, and it has been available in the US and South Korea for a while.

According to product manager Shawn Musgrave, who spoke to Tech Radar earlier this year, the Optimus G Pro, Optimus F7 or Optimus F5 would all be held back until the status of 4G coverage in the UK is better known. The situation may have evolved since then however, and alongside speculation about lack of LTE 4G coherency is the suggestion that LG will simply skip this model and wait to launch an even fresher model, the LG Optimus G2.

If things go as expected, LG will declare the upcoming introduction of the Optimus G2 in August. If that transpires, LG fans in the UK may not have to wait as long as first feared.