What are the most popular shows on social media?

You have probably recognised that social media and Tv are becoming increasingly entwined. The trending topics on Twitter are totally dominated by TV; from the big sporting events right the way through to popular TV show franchises.

Some of the shows that feature will not surprise – after all, HBO’s True Blood has been hugely popular for some time now. Out of this Mashable list, we particularly like the rising stars section. We have already used friends on social media to discovery new content. Using the ‘wisdom of the crowd’, we can now track the most popular rising shows.

There are a number of prominent, and well-funded, start-ups coming out of silicon Valley who are focussing on the content discovery and TV combination. Expect this to become a big growth area over the coming years. What’s the best TV show that you have found via your social networks? Or have they not delivered anything for you yet?



Compiled and created via mashable: