Yahoo! revamps flickr photo-sharing site

Instead, under the new flickr, photos uploaded will be presented in full
resolution and can adapt “wherever” users desire, meaning to different
hand-held devices and social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, said
Yahoo senior vice president Adam Cahan.

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The showcase element is a free terabyte of space to store photos; enough
capacity to store up to 537,731 images, Cahan said. That is more space that
any user could possibly fill in a lifetime, Yahoo officials said, and 70
times any of its rivals.

“We wanted it to be unlimited,” Cahan said.

The revamped website, also has a new look, cutting out words and user messages
and instead featuring larger photos without text set against a sleek black

Mayer said flickr’s current subscription pool is in the “tens of billions.”
She declined to release the company’s targets for growing subscriptions.

Mayer said Yahoo benefits from a “really healthy” revenue stream, largely from

The new flickr will employ new advertising formats that Yahoo is still
developing. Users who want to opt out of advertising can pay $49.95 a year
to access an ad-free version of flickr, said Yahoo’s Marcus Spiering.

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